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As a business owner who, yes seeks profits, I believe a sustainable efforts needs to make good economic sense. I own a company that innovates in the area of efficient construction materials and want to create a product line of BRICKS FOR CONSTRUCTION from recycled plastic. Here are the key elements of the business plan: 1. Create a two tier production process in neighborhoods. First tier would be the individual homes to separate and shred the plastic in an organized manner. The second tier would be a committed neighbor who would, in his garage, receive the shredded plastic and mold it into BRICKS. We would buy and collect the BRICKS and be responsible to sell them to contractors. 2. We need to design a very safe and inexpensive (~US$100) home based shredding machine and a safe and inexpensive (~US$300) garage based molding machine. Please help me shot down, improve, shot down, improve 5 times this idea so we can make it a reality. Thanks
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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