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Together with Amy Mooijman we entered the North Sea Jazz art poster competition. For this poster we created a typography made out of recycled plastic. Our concept: ‘Jazz is reusing, Jazz is recycling and Jazz is experimenting. You can see this not only in Jazz music, but also in their album covers. We combined these elements to create our poster.’ In the poster the typography is 100% recycled PET, but we experimented with different types op plastic and we wanted to share our research with you. We used a baking mold, baking paper (so it wouldn’t meld to the baking mold), a hot air gun (600°C) to meld the plastic pieces together and of course an extractor and gas masks. Once everything was pretty much melted together we used a laser cutter to cut out the letters and photographed them with a microlens. We hope that our research might be helpful! Melanie Schaap & Amy Mooijman Advertising - Willem de Kooning Academie
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