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Hello everyone, my name is Thierry and im part of a group of five students from the University of Amsterdam. We are working with a small foundation on a project in West Papua where we want to create a closed plastic waste system. Our main focus will be to: - search for partners in the area that use plastic. - set up a good plastic waste collection system. - find workers for the plant on whom we can rely. We will focus on women workers, because they are more reliable. - raise awareness among the local people. We will visit schools and organise meetings with people that are involved with waste management in the area. - see if there are expensive construction materials that can be made of the recycled plastic, so the plastic can actually stay on the island and become a part of a closed system. Question: We'd really like your input on what products we should focus on. We know that the biggest part of the recycled plastics are not fit to use in materials that are used for food or drinking, because the plastic might release toxins. That's why we want to know what possibilities there are for all the construction materials that we could make. Or maybe you have any other ideas besides construction materials.
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