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Washing plastic is essential in the recycling process and at the moment it is mostly done by hand - a very time-consuming process. While working with plastic films I came in contact with water and plastic and the advantages but also dangers it has to offer. Shredding film has turned out to be a challenge because of overheating and dust. My only solution for this was to work with a water-cooling system. I got familiar with the dangers of microplastic in water, the dirt and chemicals, and filtration processes. I changed my focus and now I am working on everything which has to do with washing. Starting before shredding and ending with a clean and dry workable material. Washing plastic is a very broad topic and it contains many different steps. Each of them is important and I will spend the next months on researching, experimenting and updating you guys - I hope, together with your help, we can create a way to make it possible, that small workshops are able to work efficiently and save for the environment. Creating clean plastic demands different machines, which have to function in a workflow. Designing this process seems to me as important as designing the machines so I will also work a lot on how the different work steps could look like. So what have I done so far: After gathering all the information from @mathijsstroobers topic washing plastic and some research I have defined and started to work on the different steps - Cutting and prewashing, shredding with water, collecting the shreds in a mesh bag, modifying a washing machine, drying and most important filtering.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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