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Hello, I don´t know, if this is the right thread. Background When I read about this project I was very excited like the most of you. I am a member of an association called technology without borders from Germany. As we have projects in Ghana concerning recycling (Recycle up, Ghana!), this could be a solution we are looking for. We want to collect plastic in schools and don´t know, who can process it afterwards. At those who got deeper into this matter or even already built some machines: 1. This is a great open source project, but would it be possible to create a microbusiness out of it (for example in Ghana) 2. Has anybody made a kind of feasibility study or datas concerning throughput, energy consumption, material costs... (of course I know: costs depend on the country, throughput depends on the product sizes, etc.) Thanks for answering, guys!
Viewing 17 topics - 61 through 77 (of 77 total)
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