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Hi you awesome people out there, Two friends and I want to set up a mixed workspace in a school for underprivileged kids in Guwahati, Assam in northeast India. There is a lot of plastic waste here - everywhere - it's quite horrendous. The school that we're working with is the Akshar Forum school (check out what they are all about on aksharfoundation.org). The school has made the news locally because they collect plastic waste instead of school fees. But so far they have only stuffed plastic wrappers in Plastic bottles, and used them very sparsely in little constructions. We want to bring their recycling programm to the next level. But we need the help of the crowd, to be able to afford the materials needed for the shredder, extrusion , injection and compression machine. Please check out out crowdfunding campaign at: https://chuffed.org/project/practical-plastic-recycling-education-assam once we have collected enough funds, we will start building the machines. For that we need people in India, that can help us organise some of the materials that are hard to acquire locally. I'd love for you guys to chip in a few bucks and share the campaign around!!! Thanks MotheNick
Viewing 5 topics - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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