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Hi there good to see you made your way here! I Assume you came from this video :) If you haven't watch it! My original plan wasn’t to make this heavy video about electric cars, just wanted to visit a lithium mine. But the more I dove into it the more I became aware of the big footprint electric cars have. Just being in that massive lithium mine you could easily see this becoming a problem in the future, we already consume many resources and this whole market is just getting started. So decided to fully dive into the topic and make a video about it to share with you guys. Big problems like this can be approached in many ways. I usually think in long term solutions and short term. Short term is great because we can just start and implement it, damage control. Long term requires more thinking and understanding of the problem and really tries to go to the root. I believe both are crucial. Here are a few things that popped my mind Short term - We could move closer to our work, saves a lot of time and transportation every day. - Cycle to work and don’t waste that energy in the evening in the gym - Sell your car and buy a motorbike if you travel solo. - Share more rides with eachother Long term - Improve public transport, make it more convenient and easy to use - Work on systems/apps/applications that make it easier to share rides - Develop more smaller vehicles, most cars are driven by just one person a time. - Rethink our transportation system. For instance : Nobody owns a car, all cars are public and you only pay for each ride. Car manufactures will sell less cars. But they might be able to fill that gap with maintenance and keeping the system running. These are just a few ideas that popped my mind. Let me know your ideas or suggestions
Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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