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WHAT ABOUT AN INTERNATIONAL ZOOM MEETING? . QUIÉN SE SUMA A UNA MEGA-JUNTA ONLINE POR ZOOM? . This is Pavlo Tierra, from Chile . Aiming to share our experiencies, projects and etcéteras. . Failures Successes Challengues . And a lot more. . Anybody in? . I also speak spanish (n portuguese :D) so it would be fun to have the chance to connect through languages, countries, cultures and so on. . * If its already happening please let me know and tell me how to connect. Am I invited? Would love know, hahaha. . To stay strong and strenghthen this kind of virtual "community", i guess, it would be fun, as well as very nourishing, to meet eachother. . THATS IT, THATS MY PROPOSITION, PEOPLE FROM THE WORLD! . Im @livpermacultura in instagram n personally @pavlo.tierra. . BIG HUG TO YOU ALL, PEOPLE! STAY STRONG! . Sharing is caring <3 . PAVLO.TIERRA
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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