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I am starting my last year of my BA in photography at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, and realized that translating concepts into images is one of my strongest assets. For a long time I did this to convey inner struggles and funny observations. But I don't think data and statistics are too far removed from what I did previously. I'm trying to make the invisible visible, the small larger, the large smaller.   I want to start visualizing as much data about plastics as possible through the medium of photography, in order to create information that can promote knowledge. I'm using these words (data, information, knowledge) because I was intrigued by this 'data-visualization-visualization' from David McCandless. Which explains how organizing data into compact visual representations, can reach people in a way that plain text, datasheets, or newspaper articles containing unimaginable numbers can't.   Even though I have had some courses on statistics during my period studying psychology, I haven't been provided information on where to find datasheets that I am looking for. So I thought, perhaps someone here can help me.   Right now I'm looking for data about the total amount of plastic waste, that specifies the amount that each type of plastic contributes to the total. I'm also looking for data on what percentage of each type of plastic gets recycled.   I have also done some more research on the defining physical (mostly visual) properties of plastics, by combining many different sources that were provided here and elsewhere, and I would like to create a compact visual guide for that as well.   PS. For v4 people. If I could be of support to the current way the team is heading with my work, let me know, I am curious to hear what your thoughts are. I have a selection of my work on my website: https://nathandoorduin.com
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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