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Hello everyone! My name im Anas, After witnessing personally the mayhem that nature can bring through earthquakes like the ones that have hit the Indonesian islands of Gili and Lombok recently, I am in need of help on a rebuilding and reconstruction project, that tries to integrate the need for the Local communities to rebuild the island while bringing to an end the problem of trash, plastic and recycling. The idea is currently to produce as many eco-bricks as possible and starting from Gili Trawangan to use them in the construction of walls needed, and further start construction of units affordable the size to accommodate a family of 3. Any one that can provide some knowledge in regards? Better to use the plastic bottles filled with trash? Should the trash be shredded first? Is there one any machines that can create brick size output, if yes which machine? My question here is to identify what are the best options, but more that welcome to hear of similar projects and some detailed plan of action on constructions with BOQ and approximations on the potential costs.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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