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Topic Tag: Ecology

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Hi there, everyone!!! "Liv" is a Project based and born in Rio de Janeiro and now  being  implemented at Manquemávida School, Santa Cruz City, Chile. We are currently working with the Precious Plastic machines ("Shreddextruder mix" and the Injection that will be installed this week). Mostly we work on our capacities towards ensuring provision of Education (alongside Manquemávida's School Community) in situations of emergency, being circular economy, permaculture, ecology and related topics our firm commitment. We would be very happy to hear from Precious Plastic community members interested in these topics as well as sharing our knowledge n skills to grow together. . Big Hug!!! . Pura vida°!!!     Marcelo & Pavlo Tecnología Sustentable y Educación *Liv - Manquemávida Team*   For more info check out or instagram @livpermacultura ;D 06-05-2019
Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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