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Hello everyone, i thought i'd say hello. i'm new here and very excited! I'm a 22 year old electrical technician - i used to be very creative. building all sorts of things and projects. recently i've not been doing as much as i'd like. work, life etc has gotten in the way but i've been saving money with the hope of getting back to my old way of life - it's almost time! the amount of plastic waste that we create as humans absolutely horrifies me! I try to reduce as much as possible! i use shampoo bars, buy local unwrapped veg, etc but a lot of it still seems unavoidable - for example at work when i am installing new items, EVERYTHING comes wrapped in plastic! i don't want to throw it away. i want to recycle it properly! I found Daves videos online several months ago and have been thinking about it almost every day! I've really wanted to get involved and only now realised about this online community! I have lots of skills with electronics, building, and creating and i love to learn new practical skills as well so i hope I could be useful to people! I'd like to build my own machine but i don't really have the space to do so at the moment. I'd love to find people to collaborate with though! I live in manchester but have been considering moving to Wales, Scotland, Portugal, or elsewhere in Europe so let me know where you're from! I'm hoping joining this community could be the start of the next chapter in my life. I'm ready to do something good with my skills and i'm so happy to find a community of other likeminded people! Thanks for reading. Luke.
Viewing 4 topics - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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