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Hi All!! I'm new to this community and to the world of PP, however not new to machinebuilding or engineering. During the last 20 years I was working around the world but now, came of age, trying to settle down in my hometown. The idea is to set up a shredder shop. Maybe set up some extrusion shop and optiize the process to a kind of continuous extrusion....like a continuous caster does......(I have a lot of technical know how and a huge engineering network. Besides that I am close with a (mainly) welding workshop nearby and could help you to find a source for welding your constructions. However I'm at this stage just trying to get a feeling how interested people really are about recycling plastics themselves...instead ofputting it in the PMD bags or bring it to the RD4 collecting parks we have in the Netherlands. Just feel free to react and give me some feedback.... Greetz!! Peter
Viewing 10 topics - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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