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Hello! From V4 we are also trying to test a processes that could be useful for the community when we have to make or to develop new products made of “Precious Plastic”. Within this topic, we have the requirment to bond pieces of plastic, which is usually tricky with normal adhesives we have access to. Due to the nature of the bonds between the particles which made our plastic being plastic, not every adhesive are good for every plastic and is not easy to find adhesives which work properly with them. I am going to show you a little overview of some adhesives, what are they made of and what they can be used for. Also, I will tell you some “issues” that we have to think and rethink before starting to bond with adhesives. The first thing I want to advise you is that all these adhesives are oil-products, which means that all the things that we do not like from plastic, are included in this adhesives :-( , sorry. So, since I am not a fan of this if you can avoid them is always better. I have found also some reasons for not use them: Packaging: There are two mean types of packaging for this adhesives, depends on if there are two components adhesives or just single. Anyway, the packaging is always single use, and that ones which are made of two components have a mixer that is single-single use, which means that each time you use the adhesive you have to throw it away...bad bad bad. Price: These kind of industrial adhesives are not really cheap... Difficult to recycle after: You should know that each time you use these adhesives you are adding a little part of new material to your piece, which means that it is going to be a little bit less recyclable. After using them, is not going to be possible to separate them again, so less purity of your material. Times to curate: The time to curate the bond is not always the same, depends a lot of the adhesive and the weather where you live in. Sometimes it can take a lot of time, which is going to make your process longer. By the way, there is some of them like the hot glues which are the opposite, are really fast to curate so you should be very careful where you make the bond. Hazardous : This is not really a material that you want to touch, to breath, to eat, to lick... check the safety cards before using them please, and take care of yourself. Safety first. If you know more adhesives which work or you can share your experience working with them, please, share your knowledge!
Viewing 4 topics - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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