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Hello, I'm Joan Culleré Mechanical Engineer and Inventor. I did a filament extruder that is pretty good, it's halfway to be high tech and of course open source. All files will be soon on my page with the code to run it. Everyone will be able to use it if they want. Also, I did other machines: a shredder and pelletizer that converts filament into pellets. I want to explain a little bit about it more in detail, technically why they are different, and the future of my machines. Also, I would like to share my story so people can know me better and see my motivations. This first post is the story; tomorrow I will do a new one explaining why my extruder is interesting ;) ******************************************************************** / STORY/ ******************************************************************** In September 2016 I decided to do my final bachelor thesis about a filament extruder, I did it with my friend Alvaro. I had this idea because I was concerned about plastic waste in my stage in France, where I developed a resin printer with one of the best teacher I ever had, François. The project started and the month passed by really fast we did a lot of calculus, read all about extruders, industrial and desktop. In that time I was working as an internship engineer in a factory that produced car parts using injection molding. I asked the experts of the factory to improve my design and I had really valuable data to do it. Finally, in January 2017, we presented the project and we had 10 out of 10 and we were awarded honors as the best project of the year. They offered to patent our machine and we were really happy about it. Also because of that, some company that produces 3D printers offered us to sell our machine. Here the project:  https://upcommons.upc.edu/handle/2117/104866NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS REALLY OUTDATED!! please don't manufacture these parts wait for me to upload them in my page ;-)Later we had some meetings with the university but money never arrived and I still waiting, I'm really frustrated about it. With the company that offered us the sell our product, the negotiations got stuck because they were focussed with a new printer. Finally, we went to maker Faire Barcelona in June 2017 and we forgot to sell the project because we were working fulltime as engineers and we were frustrated. I continued developing the machine in my free time; I was aiming to solve all the issues it had. My design changed a lot since then. I was investing the money I was earning as an engineer, also I did a shredder to crush my own 3d printer waste and also a pelletizer to convert my filament into pellets to feed again the extruder. All were my designs but I saw precious plastics design to have an idea of how it should be. I did a lot of mistakes I tried a lot of things. And finally, I had all of them working. Next year in 2018 I went to Barcelona maker Faire, I showed my machine and people were impressed about it, speed, quality, the concept were my strong point. I got so happy from the feedback I did a video on youtube and the idea, I had only one thing in my mind: sharing it to the world. Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIbvV8yENwA I have been invited to different maker faires in Spain, I went to the cozy Bilbao maker and the international Compostela maker. There I could meet really interesting people and I received a lot of feedback to continue improving my design. I had a really good feedback in this faires and I felt really strongly that I wanted to share this and live from plastic recycling, I wanted to make it real. At the beginning of 2019, after talking with my boss, who I appreciate a lot, I left my job as an engineer. It was personally a really difficult decision and I still think was mad. Then I took my design that it was working fine, but it was not perfect. And I did it all from scratch. I solved all the problems that the old machine "extruder" had and added new features. At this point, I only focussed in the extruder machine. My intention was only to sell kits. I have been some month improving it and going to learn how to do my own company. I went to maker fair Prague this June and it was complete fail because I had problems with the transport despite this technical issue there I met really interesting and nice people, and I have a large contact list. This summer I agreed with Greenfablab to do my new version with them, they were really motivated, and we will assembly next week. My machine is modular; they wanted the version that more simple, but I have a more complex one. Also, I have a new webpage where I will post all the documentation. My intention is to bring the machine to more places, share and let people know my design. I will post again explaining each machine and the technical stuff… Thanks a lot for reading this!!! Subscribe to my YouTube to see more ;) and send me a message to my email. I add you in my contact list! I send you a message when I have uploaded my files on my webpage. If you want to talk to me all will be really happy Joan  
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