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Hello lovely community! So, next to Precious Plastic I've also been involved in another inspiring project aiming to tackle plastic pollution: The Flipflopi Expedition. (I already shared bits of it here, but wanted to create a new topic to explain the project and share all future updates here.) What's the Flipflopi? It's a dhow (=a traditional sailing boat) made from recycled plastic + flipflops which was collected along the kenyan beaches and streets. But it's about more than building a boat. Crucial part of this project is the EXPEDITION part: We're sailing this boat along the coasts to... ...make people AWARE of the problem and the hidden value in all the plastic waste. And that single-use plastic just doesn't make sense at all. ...ENGAGE companies & stakeholders to make decisions against single-use plastics. ...INSPIRE individuals and communities to make change locally (to reduce their waste, to clean up their environment and to turn plastic into value - Precious Plastic is of course a big part of that! 🙂) MISSION To reach more people and continue this work on a bigger scale, we need to build a bigger boat, Flipflopi Kubwa (="big" in swahili), that can sail across the Indian Ocean to Cape Town (and then around the world!), to connect communities and stakeholders which are key to make change. We could trigger a leapfrog moment before single-use plastic and a throwaway culture becomes fully embedded. --- VIDEOS TO WATCH: 👉 Short video about the Flipflopi Project (3min), also showing some of the processes. 👉 PLASTIC - A second Life, a SUPER NICE film (7min) about the plastic bag ban and movement to tackle the plastic pollution in Kenya. 👉 An impression of our first 500km Expedition in Feb 2019 (1min) --- So, in further comments I will share: ⛵️ General updates of the project ⛵️ How we built the first "prototype" boat (processes, materials, challenges...) ⛵️ The process and challenges of building the BIG DHOW. --- BE PART OF IT :) There are a lot of questions and challenges to solve for the further processes, so whoever interested in boatbuilding or producing big parts with recycled plastic, we're happy for any idea and information 👐 (And, to build the big boat, we will also need some financial support! So for anyone who feels like spending money on a good project or knows people who could support - I can highly recommend Dave Hakkens' projects and The Flipflopi hehe 🙏)
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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