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So we over here at Precious Plastics Philippines, have started development on a shredder 2.2 Namely because the standard model just is not enough capacity, and certain design elements of the original are a bit higher cost than the local budget. So We have come up with a shredder double the size. Basically the STEP file was imported into CAD, and the number of teeth was doubled. The second thing, is that the gear motors used can be quite expensive, and if we are to make a lot of them, there is a lack of a standard used gear motor. This is fine for one off custom work. However frankly, we got a LOT of plastic to process and we need a LOT of machines. So in that aspect, we are developing the shredder to use a local standard 6.5hp gasoline engine. This engine is very common here brand new and costs between $125USD to $200USD depending on the brand. This enables a more portable machine that can be used on site for waste collection drives. Basically its collect and shred right on the beach, or at a municipal waste point. The Philippines also in some areas has a lack of good electrical service. Especially in remote islands. Basically electric service is pretty much everywhere, but it is hard to get the high current everywhere. We viewed a local made shredder based on a China design. It had a 32amp current draw and startup is double that. Based on personal experiences, this is just not feasible everywhere. Yes it will work in Metro Manila, and cities, but the farther you get away from those areas, the more difficult it gets. So we present to you the CAD rendering for shredder v2.2 Unfortunately I am unable to export in STEP files, only dxf, rsdoc, and sketchup. If someone has access to Spaceclaim CAD, we can convert the file to solid models and then it will be good for use in Solidworks, Inventor, 360 etc.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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