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Heyo! This is the topic for the group orders I happened to organize (Lasercut parts for the shredder). Ordering 10 Sets or more every now and then (at a company in Braunschweig) I can offer 1 MIXED Set (updated V2.1) for 120€ (including VAT + small processing fee + contribution for Precious Plastic) MIXED means: - 5mm parts in stainless steel - 3mm + 6mm parts in normal steel It's quite a good quality and a very good price. Some post-treatment is needed (mainly sanding), but that's hard to avoid I guess. Shipping (from experiences so far): Germany inclusive 20-30€ to The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium 30-40€ to France, Austria, UK, Switzerland,Ireland 40-50€ to Spain, Sweden, Romania Other EU Countries, we'll have to check out for your address. --- UPDATE: CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ORDERS ANYMORE. COMPANY CHANGED PRICES, they are MUCH HIGHER now. But have a look on the other lasercut sets on the Bazar! :) P.S. Hexbar on the photo is not included, but you can get in on the Bazar as well! ---
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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