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I'm in Australia - we separate household waste and recyclables are collected separately.  There is also a large fee imposed on retailers who sell goods in plastic (which, of course, is passed on to us consumers).  We can take things like plastic bottles to recycling centers ourselves, and get back a rebate (fraction of the fee paid by retailers, who keep the rest themselves to compensate for lost sales due to the price rise... but that's another story...) SO - I decided to try and buy bulk HDPE plastic waste (all our milk bottles are HDPE).  I spent a week making phone calls and getting the run-around over-and-over.  Everyone knows about the rebate scheme, but 90% have no clue where it goes next.  Even the bulk back-end handling staff offload their collections to more and different places, and at the end of the day - there's nowhere other than garbage dumps (landfills) that seems to take this stuff. The closest I found was a bankrupted recycling center, who were in the process of moving all their collected waste into landfill. As best I can tell - the system set up to take money from consumers, and redistribute it to greedy middlemen is well oiled, but at the end of the chain - there's nothing but landfill for HDPE. Is this the same in all developed countries?  Does anyone in Australia know how to get bulk HDPE that is less expensive (preferably free or even better - where I'm paid by that tax) than buying new pellets from China?
Viewing 30 topics - 1 through 30 (of 134 total)
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