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Topic Tag: home recycling

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Hi. I was here before but I think you went through changes?  Just now it took a lot of clicking around to finally get to the "log in" button. But I got here 😊 I am a retiree living in a small apartment with no "work space" like a garage or cellar, so I have taken it upon myself to work on methods that can be used in this kind of setting. I will be posting some ideas in the projects part of the forum. I know quite a bit about molds, etc. Not a lot, I am no expert, but I know more than someone who has never worked in an industrial setting. Also, my dad had a hobby of making interesting things out of plastic before he passed away at age 92. He was actually on his way to deliver one of his special products: a bingo-rolling barrel when he passed away.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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