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Hey, thanks in advance for any input, really stuck here. the bottom 2 heat bands on my injection machine were taking a really long time to heat up, while the top 2 heat bands were up to temp in 9 minutes. I first tried moving the top two bands that were working well to the bottom position closer to the nozzle to have the consistent heat there. After I moved them, the problem switched. Seems that whatever bands are on the bottom take 45 minutes to heat up. I tested my thermocouples. I made sure all settings in PID were the same. I changed my PID. I changed the SSR. I still have the same problem. Whichever bands are on the bottom close to the nozzle, heat very slowly. I’m lost at this point. It’s my first machine and the guy I bought it from doesnt respond and sold me a machine put together lazily.
Viewing 7 topics - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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