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Topic Tag: injection molding compression

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Inspired by the Spain guys use of the car jack for the injection, I started designing a combo injection/compression molder.   think of a shop press.   We can change to either a piston or a mold plate using plumbing fittings.   The bottom half of the machine is the injection.  (sorry you will have to stoop down a little to use it)   the top half is the compression molder.  We have a removable plate for the compression.   Also the frame is changed to square tubing and the tubing acts as a linear guide to keep the parts from wobbling.  The jack by itself can wobble without guidance.   Pictured is the compression only machine.   Next version, change from U channel steel to square tube.  the tube will be the frame and a linear guide.        
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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