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Hello everybody I plan to build the Injection machine for use only for a specific application. I would like avoid to spend time and money for make the machine for then discover is not possible to do what I want. So I wonder if someone here could be available for make a simple test for me... My goal is to weld some PVC parts inside melted PET. For what I seen, PVC start to melt at 180°c and PET at 250°c. So I would like make the proof that is possible to insert PVC inside melted PET without having PVC which start to melt to. Then when the PET is cold and solid, to check the PVC is not distorted or partially melted and it is well fixed without move or broke... In practice I ask someone who have Injection machine to put melted PET (simply as Dave Hakkens do on minute 11:20 of his video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtZv96ciFIU) on a part of PVC like a common water pipe tube available in any hardware store. If the pipe could be "weld" inside the PET without any change or degradation of PVC part that will be wonderful. Or maybe is just not possible and PVC will just melt right after be in contact with PET... I need this answer as soon as possible...Some voluntary ? If you need some money for cover your time and PVC part no problem... Contact me directly for make the deal... Thank you so much Mirko
Viewing 30 topics - 61 through 90 (of 148 total)
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