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New kid on the block, let's introduce myself. I am Fred, living in the Netherlands with my wife and our dogs. We are volunteers for a foundation that takes care of stray-dogs (castration/sterilization, education etc) and we do this in many ways (both in the Netherlands but also in foreign countries). When we are at home, we create a lot of items (like houses for birds, pillows or benches by recycling materials (like old jeans, pallets,...) and we sell them to friends and family. All the money that we make by doing this, we donate to charity. Apart from that, we do a lot of cleaning up our environment. Whenever we walk with the dogs, we collect the litter that we find. (i also do this when i am running or going somewhere by bike) I collect the data in an app (this data is being used to persuade companies to do something about this litter problem) and most of it, we throw away in bins. However, litter can be 'precious' so we keep the cans (we sell them as aluminium/metal and this money also goes to charity) and we do the same with bottle-caps. But then i thought that i should be able to make something with these bottle-caps myself and i guess that is when i discovered Precious Plastic. From that moment on, i have looked at almost every Precious Plastic YouTube-movie and i love it :-) I have created some video's of how i 'up-cycled' something into something new, but making a video took so much time, that i stopped making them.However, by looking and learning from all these Precious Plastic movies, i realized that these videos can also be very helpful to others so i decided to make more videos myself (about up-cycling but also about plastic recycling). For starters i will try to recycle the number-2-plastic (hdpe), without the use of 'real machines' and i will try to make a movie of how i do that. Once i have budget or want to go 'next-level', maybe i will try working with real shredders, extruders etc. Well, that's it for now, Take care!
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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