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Ive been having this nagging idea to make the precious plastic idea into a little store and education center here in my town. I'd have to invest in the machines (building, spare parts, etc.) And a 3D printer because I want to turn most of the recycled plastic into 3D filament that is then used to create custom items for customers. Machines would be on the low tech side, atleast the shredder and washer. Man powered shredder to get people actively involved in the process. I'd also turn it into education because I'd teach those around me about recycling, plastics and everything I can. I'd try to keep things minimal so I could also travel to local festivals and do collections and education there too! I need the space, the hands, and the materials. Also need to know if I'm even allowed to make this into a business. Gotta pay the bills and this would almost be a full time job. Thoughts would be helpful!! Thanks, Lindsay Panama city, Florida, USA
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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