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I used my 3D printer and downloaded the extrusion screw that Siemen Cuypers designed and posted to Thingiverse. I then edited the file so it had a hollow center (better for metal casting) and a different base where I could machine in a keyed shaft into the base. I then printed it out at 5% infill in PLA with 2 layer walls. I made the screw 80 mm in diameter and almost 2 feet long to account for shrinkage and machining. Then glued the 3 parts of the screw together for the final size. I coated the print in ceramic shell and via the lost wax method I poured and cast a bronze copy of the screw which is what you can see in the photos. For some reason I can only add 3 pictures in a post? Anyway, the next step is to machine the sides of the screw so it will fit inside a 3 inch bored hydraulic cylinder (like the ones that power back hoe digger machine arms). Then I'll connect it up to a 1/3 hp motor with a 20:1 gear reducer. I will have a variable speed controller on the machine and I have two PID temperature controllers to vary the temperature of the tube in two different regions. I bought band heaters to warm up the wax as it passes through the cylinder. I will cut different shapes into steel end caps. These will become dies for the wax to come out of. One thing I wonder if I will need is a breaker plate? Do you think a breaker plate is necessary or helpful in extruders? I see them on commercial units but I am not really sure what their purpose is or how necessary they really are at the hobby level.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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