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Hi there, just fallen by chance on this community. I watched videos of Dave on youtube and I noticed that some plastic bars can be easily extruded so I was thinking to share with you some ideas: - some veichles like the one in this free project can be created http://www.xyzcargo.com/ - this company in Brazil molds bicycle plastic frames. http://www.muzzicycles.com.br - instead of having a 2HP engine, why don't use humans and gears? events like Marathons or IronMan can be organised around the world to go to a beach full of plastics, use the visitors to gather plastics and use bikers to recycle. I think the real challenge for plastic recycling is to create objects that reduces the CO2 footprint in the long run so that the value of it can be recovered.  Design or fashion objects will not solve the planet problems as they immobilise a versatile asset (but they make the world more beautiful). Thus the idea was to start a topic on this and assess the feasibility. What about create a class of PreciousPlastic Veichles... 1 weel, 2 weels, 3 weels, 4 weels... open source, simple and essential design, very light, easy to manufacture and built up, and then use events to promote circular economy and green mobility from plastic? Would be anybody interested to start a project with me? What are the limitations which we might face? Any examples of similar projects?
Viewing 5 topics - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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