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Hello, I'm from Thailand.  Seperate waste for recycle is not really common here. Majority of waste are dumped and seperated by the poors who seek to earn money from collecting bottles, cans, boxes where there's a market for it.  Searching through dumpsters and dumping spots creat problem with scattered small pieces of plastic- straw, plastic bags which easily got blowned away or thrown away as useless. All these small pieces are hard to manage and should be considered as a major issue especially in the recycling business. I want to solve this from the source- each individual household.  If we can have a bin that collect all these plastic wrap, torn plastic bags, label etc.  Even if they are not sorted out in a recycling ways, just to manage them better as a waste. My options for this project is this: 1  only clean plastic pieces that recycleable which will take knowledge and time but the household can make money from selling it. 2 All kinds of small pieces of plastic waste put together and get disposed of as a solid pack. Both options need a cutting that will make the plastic into tiny pieces and packed together with (still working on what's best for the environment) I need help and input on What's best to cut soft plastic, economically as well as user friendly? Any suggestions on what can be used to combine these small flakes into one solid piece. Will some heat help with contaminated bags or wraps combined with the clean one. The bin will be smaller than paper shredder with three sections: the top part will do the cutting, cutting pieces will be left there until the part is full.  They will then be slide down to the middle part where they will be mixed with xxxxx then go down to the bottom part where they will be pressed - the process will repeat until the bottom is full, then it can be disposed off or collected for sell. Any suggestions, advise, recommendation, input are welcome, please excuse my english if it's a bit hard to understand  I'm trying my best. Thanks,
Viewing 30 topics - 1 through 30 (of 49 total)
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