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Topic Tag: pneumatic system

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Hello guys. Martin from Slovakia Im currently designing pneumatic injection machine with molding force from the  pneumatic cylinder 4,7 kN. Diameter of cylinder, where plastic will be melted is 40 mm, height is 170 mm.Do you guys think its enough force to inject plastic into to mold with keeping good quality of the final plastic product ? To control the pneumatic cylinder im using in my design 5/2 valve. To control this, i can use PLC or Arduino. Its a bit more complicated, but could be quite useful, and save some time, if used in a right way and settings. The construction is designed from welded closed stell square profiles 30x30x3 mm.The maximum volume of injected plastic is 224 cm^3 , which is quite satisfying for me. The advantage of this machine should be quicker production, and in right setting also better output of the surface, thanks to quite big pressure (around 470 kilograms, with operating max pressure that is allowed allowed) if im calculating correctly. Disadvantage of this, is a bit higher price of making this machine, which is approximately 1000 EUR, and also a bit more complicated operation. The model was made by using SolidWorks software.   Im aware, that some mistakes could occur even in this model, since its my first time to work with pneumatic systems. On the picture you can see theoretical model with some section view, and also with injection simulation of smartphone cover. What are guys your thoughts about my design. ? Thank you for any ideas or tips.Cheers Martin
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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