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Topic Tag: Precious plastic shredder

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Making some incremental mods to the V3 shredder.   First was TIG welding stud bolts instead of those pesky tapered head bolts.   I think the next batch will get a 14mm size hole and m14 bolt to match the 14mm hole in the flange bearing.  It is a loose fit and makes assembly and tuning tricky.   Shafting was upgraded to 32mm hex bar and 1 inch shafting.   I tried 25mm but since the inch standard is more common here in the Philippines, and a bit cheaper for bearings, I went with inch size on that. Also the shafting drawing is wrong in my download pack along with the parts count layout.  The hex part is too short and I end up using too many spacers which is also not accounted for in the laser layout.  Drawing and CAD model says 14 pieces.  Layout says 15 blades.   Latest batch, the drawing for the frame has been modded.   I expanded it to 350mm wide vs the 250mm original width.  Now have room to mount a gas engine and pulley speed reduction and a 2hp electric motor/pulley chain speed reduction.   Pictures to follow   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5Et3KCgV7U
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