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Hi folks, I am Patrick. I live in Saarland, a tiny place in the middle left corner of Germany. Our part of the country is mostly embossed by the car manufacturing industry and at the moment it is very hard to get a good job here. For this reason and because I am a 3D printing enthusiast since 2012 I made my thoughts about what can I do. I found the precious plastic project and the website of Dave Hakkens and I like the way he goes. I bought myself a little shop press, an old kitchen oven and I started to recycle old 3D printed parts because I think this will raise up to a big problem in future. China floods the online marked with cheap 3d printers and these machines do not work properly. So they produce a lot of waste material. But good working machines produce waste too. Most printed parts are made of PLA, ABS and PETG, and these materials are easy to process because the parts are clean and easy to shred due to the light infill patterns. So I built the Shredder, driven by a 1.8 kW winch motor from eBay and it works very well for 3D printed parts. I melt the schredded parts and press it between two cheap stainless steel bowls to create thick-walled plastic bowls. And with some pieces of leftover 3D printing filament I can create some nice looking patterns on these Bowls. I hope you like my idea and my work. Greetings from Saarland
Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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