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The plan is to find a piece of land, live there and build an offline community. To start of I need to move 2 things there, my house and our existing workspace. The workspace is for later, the house starts here. Inspired by @mattia-io living in his Van it seems like a good solution for this project. I can fully prepare it in the Netherlands and drive it onto the land. Boom ready. In this way I can fully focus on setting up infrastructure and building a proper house on arrival. So I got into old army vans! They are build super decent and the engines are often in good shape since they are maintained very well and driven very little. Its crazy how many there are around, they come in huge batches. (also goes for old firemantrucks) I found a 1989 Mercedes 609D Ambulance from the German army. Its been outside for quite a while in the last years and rusty as hell, fun project for the summer! Convert it into a camper/house.  I’ll post the progress here. It will also be used to drive around and research existing communities in Europe this summer.
Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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