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Collaborate! LET'S REPLACE THE NASTY TOXIC NON-RECYCLABLE RED SOLOS at UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES!!!! Hi Guys! I have been following this site for a while now, just joined the forum. Currently, I have a website for sustainable University products in the works. I am working with several college's and universities. I've reached out to a couple mass produced sustainable companies for cups but have not found what I am looking for. I am looking for Collaborators to make SOLO CUPS for University/colleges. The ones they sell now (in Walmart/whole foods/Wegmans) is flimsy and sometimes even degrade in the sun! I think the reason the Red solo cups have become the main cup is because of the sturdy make and square base for games like flip cup. I do not have the facility or space to make a recycling machine currently. I am hoping to collaborate with people who are looking to make cups, I would like to help with the model and will do the marketing/selling. I have a couple Earthday parties at local universities and reaching out to more. Already arranged to launch some other products but would love for this to be a staple as well. If you are interested at all please reach out. I would be interested in negotiating price/equity in the company to figure out the finances. If you have any other ideas or would like to participate in another way feel free to reach out. Not sure how this site works yet if its easier email me at [email protected] Thanks! Hope to hear
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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