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It's a suggestion. In issue 5 of "Сделай Сам" ("Make it Yourself") almanach for 1998 there's a letter from reader is published, in which he shares his experience of making bricks/tiles for garden out of old polyethylene film and sand. Basycally, he melts the film and mixes it with sand. Then he pours the mix into moult that is just indentation in earth. So, why don't take this idea and use molten plastic as a binder. A variety of different materialc can be used as filler, like: sand, gravel, smooth pebbles or beach glass (it could be regular glass, processed in rotary tumbler to smooth the edges). A lot of products can be producet this way: road bricks, floor tiles, decorative elements for garden decoration.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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