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Hi! I'm just starting a project to make roofing tiles from recycled plastic and sand in Uganda. However, I want to do this with very minimal machinery and avoid the pellet stage...I'm thinking of layering thin pieces of HDPE or LDPE and sand between two hot aluminum plates and fusing the plastic/sand layers together. Does anyone have any thoughts on if this could work? I found this post about plastic/sand tiles, but it seemed old, so I figured I'd start a new post here. I've read that additives are mixed into the plastic/sand mixture to make the tiles UV resistant. Can additives work if I just heat and compress strips of plastic and sand instead of using an extruder? Also, a lot of the companies say their tiles are flame resistant--how do they make that possible? I attempted a trial tile in my kitchen oven with an HDPE milk carton. I’ve read all the posts about fumes and safety when melting plastic and they say that hdpe and ldpe are safe. But I smelled a bad smell and got a headache. I read the oven should be set to 350F (176 C) for hdpe and I melted it for about 25 min, taking it out a few times to check. Can you tell me why it smelled badly and why I got a headache? How can I prevent this? Thanks! Paige
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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