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Topic Tag: Shredding

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Hello folks, Im Eric from Kinshasa in DR Congo. Two years ago, i embarked on a journey to sensititize masses on The dangers of plastic waste.i even organized clean ups at rivers, public places ,schools,etc I now want to run a pilot Recycling project to turn plastic waste into plastic beams and finally make trash bins for the city of Kinshasa. With more than 3000 tons of plastic waste generated daily, We have no proper waste management system nor public trash bins here. We are in serious need of a shreeder and a an extruder machine for this pilot project.unfortunately, We cannot make those machines here as we do not have the parts and importing the machines is very expensive. We are appealing to anyone in the forum to donate a shredder and an extruder machine to save the city of Kinshasa. Hope to Hear from you soon. Eric.
Viewing 6 topics - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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