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Hello, I am Akash Jayakumar from India and I have just completed my undergrad and some of us together have started a plastic recycling startup, <b>R-Cube Plastics Pvt Ltd </b>aiming to make the world a better place. We are currently in our R&D and prototyping phase in which we are adding an additive to increase the strength of recycled plastic products. We have won a grant from the Indian government and have planned to start our first production line with our very own raw material (An additive+Recycled plastic) to make lumbers out of the line. We were greatly inspired by precious plastic's video of making a beam. If we are able to make a high volume production lumber (Which is a huge hit in the UK) we will be able to products like chairs, tables, benches etc. We have a tentative production line in mind but we need an expert like you to optimise that design for us. The production line (raw materials - pellets) planned was <b>Extruder --> Die </b>(with storage space and a rectangular output) <b>--> Cooling </b>(with small water tank) <b>--> two rollers</b> (the lumber will be sent in-between to maintain its thickness) <b>--> Cooling</b> (with a longer water tank) <b>--> Cutting</b> (We have not decided how to cut it) <b>PS: </b>If you know a better way to do recycled plastic lumbers kindly let us know.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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