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If you haven’t watched the video, do that first. https://youtu.be/7IqxJUx_l24 So we wanted to help out reducing the plastic straw. Today. Not waiting for politicians or governments to take action but just by the power of people. So we made a little sticker that can help to change our habits. A friendly one that bar owners can appreciate (because they can buy less straws) Made by the Lieke. aka Liekeland. Everything she draws looks just..beautiful. I’d highly recommend to check out her website, best enjoyed with a cup of tea. OK back to it. You can find 3 different stickers in this download kit. 1: Menu Stickers. Small to stick on the drink section on a menu 2: Counter Stickers. Slightly bigger and contain some extra information, perfect to stick on the bar or counter 3: Street sticker. Spread the word on the streets. Simple but effective! (we occasionally sell a few in our bazar) 💥💥💥DOWNLOAD THE KIT HERE💥💥💥 Dont forget to add #skipthestraw if you post about it! Dave
Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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