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Hey everyone, we migrated most of old wiki/library content into a new system. There is still lots of work to be done but for now it's good enough https://library.precious-plastic.org/machines/. features: - PP Eindhoven machines - more machines - Community machines, molds and projects (not visible yet but download the archive instead : https://precious-plastic.org/pp-4.1.tar (see _projects folder) - tips, tricks, issues, fixes - machine builder howtos - additional reference material, direct downloads per machine, 3d preview, etc... todos (over summer break) - add more text and data to the howtos, eg: links to CAD parts, BOMs, etc... - migrate projects - social feedback - editor and upload so that others can add or change content - add remaining v4 & v3 machines - more reference links to other DIY/maker pages or sources Thanks to c19, we have now more time to complete the new system which also assists us in daily production and development. godspeed, g
Viewing 30 topics - 1 through 30 (of 70 total)
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