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Hi there, My name is Chiara and together with my partner Ronald we are the owners of Marley's Amsterdam. Marley's Amsterdam makes worlds first shampoo flakes. This are flakes with only the active ingredient of shampoo. Really concentrated. This is important because shampoo consist 80% of water, which is unnecessary because we all have tap water at home. With Marley's we make sure that there will be less trucks on the road and we don't need to use plastic bottles. Beside that our shampoo is completely natural. When the flakes are delivered at your home, you mix water with the flakes. The flakes dissolve and you have your own homemade liquid shampoo. But after you made your own shampoo, you need something to keep it in. And that's where we need you! We want to design and produce a reusable and recycled shampoo bottle, so people can store and refill their Marley's shampoo in it. We are looking for people who want to brainstorm with us about the design and collect plastic with us. Take a look at: www.marleys.amsterdam and please send me a message if you're interested or you just want to share some ideas!
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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