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Hello, We at Fiction Factory have started to build the Precious Plastic machines to deal with our own plastic waste. And we like to make nice stuff. But because our normal projects are taking so much time we need help and we want to share the machines and the knowledge of the machines. So do you want to learn to work with these machines and also to create products we use for our social projects. We can only offer a volunteer spot for now. We want you to: -fit in our team of creative makers -be able to work indepentently -be available 1-2 days a week for a few months, we are flexible. What do you get: -good fresh lunch -nice team, from engineers, woodworkers to welders -opportunity to work in a workshop with 3D printers/ laser/cnc router Are you interested send me an email: [email protected]
Viewing 6 topics - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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