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Just came back from the WANA con. Abu Dhabi. Wow, what an experience, what wonderful people and stories. I think the strongest message from this is that we (the teams and workspaces) should work more like a community - locally, regionally and globally.   makers shouldn't work alone - and many of us were making the same mistakes without sharing them, sometimes not even sharing our success because of reasons:   Community-related issues -   - some felt as if they are competing in "who makes the greatest product"   - some simply "didn't have time for" or didn't prioritize documentation   - some describe feeling weird with the fact that this is a "dave hakkens" forum rather than "precious plastic". (I think it's a matter of UX and hierarchy more than an ownership issue)   - some stated they posted a question and it was never answered, so they gave up. let's say for some reason I got here - took me about 30 minutes to answer him. yes the UX is currently not so convenient but people, all of you (including myself) - is this a community or not? or, as most people ask themselves -  is anybody here at all?   - some were thinking "The videos are simple, It's me getting this all wrong", also "Why should they help me personally? they seem to be busy on V.4".   UX-related issues - (I know you are working on this <3)   - data is not organized categorically / logically, so if you are not used to using open source forums for browsing (and if you get tired of reading English after a while) - it makes you think you should not depend on them. people should be able to create topics, but it's clutter. not finding what you are looking for means you leave and never come back.   -other UX Issues (because this is taking waaaaay to long but we should all talk about this). remember the topic (again - not -thread- but topic) from before?  I believe this is also a UX issue: -the question is in free text and I need to read through it. no tags, no topic categorization - It's like we are in the nineties - nothing encouraged me to answer - when I copy/paste stuff into the new message it smashes everything to a big block of unorganized text. that really sucks. - Did I even hashtag the right person? how do I know? is there no better standard way to do this? are we inventing everything from scratch and if so - why? - why am I seeing this? (on personal messages) - why can't I copy paste images? (more in the one image that contains the images)         It really was an effort, but I promised myself to bring this up. hope this will be helpful. please share your thoughts.
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