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Northern Tool has things little thing that looks worth a shot.  A low price and might actually work for a shredder. LInk: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200672565_200672565 Note:  We are only shredding HDPE and nothing else.  As I mentioned in another thread, my STEM students and I won a grant for making a recycling system/station in our classroom.  We have almost everything we need. 1.  We'll shred milk jugs and other HDPE bottles. 2.  Heat them in the countertop oven (on a cart in the school courtyard). 3.  I purchased a 20-ton hydraulic press to press the melted HDPE into blocks. 4.  We also used the grant money to purchase a small desktop CNC machine that will be used exclusively with the HDPE blocks we make.  Then we'll create products out of the recycled milk jugs. But shredding is the obstacle currently.  Manually I made a wooden wheel with some weights attached.  It works and all the connections are secure  (no snapping of pins, etc.), but it gets extremely difficult to hand-crank when the milk bottle bunches up.  Lots of reversing and repositioning of the material, which is no big deal with doing it manually.  I'm there the whole time for safety and I'm the only one allowed to reach into the chamber. Anyway, that brings us to this winch.  If it's strong enough to tear through milk jugs and shampoo bottles then we're all set.  I'm not at all worried about continuous running (heat on motor) because we'll do one bottle at a time and part of the fun is the shredding each student can do. The winch has buttons for forward and reverse.  And I suppose it won't be too difficult to couple it to the shredder shaft. Any thoughts?  I really appreciate the advice on this forum.  I'm very new to all of this. Thank you. Mike PS:  I added a photo of our manual crank.  It's okay, but I took it apart.  Not good enough because there isn't enough inertia to get past the harder spots.
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