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In the schematics provided by precious plastics "PP" (thank you by the way), the wiring diagram shows a switch only on one hot leg.  The other hot leg is wired directly to the oven/heating element.  I think this is very problematic.  With this wiring you have to have a seperate manual shutoff switch or at the very least a wall plug, then plug and unplug every time you use your oven (United States Electrical Code Requirements).  If you don't you're oven will essentially allways be hot. In my case I tried the wiring shown in the PP schematic and I find that when I flip the switch, my oven actually continues to have power, but only 120v not 240v.  So it is not heating up but the PID is still powered and so is the SSR.  I suspect this is because the 120v on the nonswitched line is still sending power to the elements on the one side and backfeeding to the other hot leg that was just switched off. Has anyone else had this issue?  I am installing a double pole 30 amp switch today and then both legs will be switched, but I thought I'd ask the forum how you handled 240v power?  Maybe it's different overseas? One other note on the PP schematic.  In future renditions, I'd recommend putting a note on there that every PID does not following the same numbering.  I used an Inkbird and it was completely different.
Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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