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🌎 PP V3 content translation

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Jegor jegor-m

🌎 PP V3 content translation

18/10/2017 at 22:42

Hello people!

As you know Dave and the team released V3 and updated the website. It would be great help if you could translate a thing or two.

The files for translation and instructions will be added here later, so subscribe to this topic.

If you are still interested in helping out, please comment below or write me a message with the language of your choice. We will form teams. There is a lot of content, so we will need as many volunteers as possible.

♻️ The list of translators and languages : (REGULARLY UPDATED)
@hepzel; @luvinde; @catroventos to Spanish
@catroventos to Galician
@lu; to Portuguese
@kathastrofica; @mariodeo to Portuguese (Brazilian)
@denfer007; @asmarf to French
@enigmer; @gruzdovair; @mariasharapova; @nadyashpi to Russian
@enigmer to Belarusian
@playhost; to Swedish
@minsik; to Korean
@kingu; @tk2000 to Norwegian Bokmål
@flo-2; to German
@mohammede335 to Arabic
@taivans to Mongolian
@lemra, @tomaspsutka, @stadra to Czech
@adexmont to Italian


PS, if you see someone has already volunteered to translate to your language, still join to help.

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06/02/2019 at 08:49


I am from Japan and i will be hapy to help you make spread this great movement to tiny island in far east!
I speak English and Japanese and will be able to translate!
Please let me know what I can do!

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