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2 – 3 tons of polypropylene !!!

David lichking-cze

2 – 3 tons of polypropylene !!!

30/10/2018 at 23:25

Hi guys,

anyone idea what to do with 2 – 3 tons of polypropylene(PPR) and maybe more.

It is made of used indoor water pipes for hot and cold water. They are not clean inside  – there is dried dirt overlay inside. And also some little dirt outside on surface.

Here is picture of particular pipes: https://imgur.com/yYHdb0g

I think that pre-shredding, shredding, cleaning in water bath/rotating barrel, melting(extrusion), cooling, cutting and selling granulate would be probably best idea. But, lot of investment is needed for this whole recycling process.

I dont even know how could i shred them, they are very firm and solid.

So then I found some local companies, which are buying plastic waste. But they offer very low price for it.

But imagine that quantinty, how much stuff could I make and create from it, but I have no machines, no tools – yet 🙂

I also had idea, if i could use final product as a string fillament for 3D printers, but i think it it not so flexible for this usage.

Wanna know your ideas and opinions.

Thanks, David from Czech lands

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08/11/2018 at 13:02

Holy S**t!

Maybe you could saw them in smaller pieces and then directly melt them?

Another possibility would be to only melt some of them and use the pipe partwise. Qick idea: Melt down in a flat mould (outside in a old kitchen-oven) and then just set a 10cm part of pipe on it, should stick together and you have a plant-pot. I can also try to come up with more ideas, if you give me some measurements 😉


Greetings from Hamburg



16/02/2020 at 04:06

5 tons, guys…

16/02/2020 at 04:09

sizes: 20 – 90mm diameter;
lenght: 0,5 m – 3m
thickness: various according diameter circa 0,3mm – 15mm

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