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30 years in plastic extrusion

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Rick Showalter showalter91

30 years in plastic extrusion

14/01/2019 at 18:06

my family has worked in the plastic extrusion industry (PVC pipe) for almost 30 years now. i have been in it for nearly a decade my self. we have worked in the 3 main parts of plastic extrusion, production, quality assurance, and most importantly. maintenance. i feel i can contribute for the development of your extrusion machines. im really new to precious plastics. about 4 days to be honest. im hoping to start building my machines soon. with luck i can source the parts i need that are used and start from there.

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24/01/2019 at 03:55

Hi. What are your thoughts on producing plastic building materials from waste plastics. I know there are composite materials for decking using plastics and wood fibre. Someone on here wants to produce fence posts from waste plastics. Not sure how long the process would take or how much material you would need to produce one post.
Your input would be appreciated.

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