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4 machines + 1 tool (plastic welding)

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Oliver Gräsman playhost

4 machines + 1 tool (plastic welding)

04/03/2017 at 19:46

The Precious Plastic project is absolutely amazing. 4 machines has been designed to give anyone the ability to shred plastic into flakes, then turn the flakes into a line of plastic (extrusion, fitting a 3D printer or for other purposes. The injection as well as the compression machines respectively brings even more products to life in forms of molding and pressurizing.

The possibilities are endless.

But then it hit me, as @patodel82 started a topic “Homes in Plastic” there has been a lot of discussion about bricks and similar ways to build a house, and I started thinking, what if we could use plastic to meld together plastic?!

For example, many products exist out there today, for example different kinds of “doodlers” or 3D-pens, among those the LIX PEN as well as the 3Doodler. I might not be the first one to think about this, but hey:

1. The material used for those comes straight from the extrusion machine.
2. What if the usage of those could be extended to not only draw but also weld together different types of plastics, like welding metal.
3. Of course maybe these aren’t that expensive, but what about the ones who live off-grid? And also, it could be a pretty useful project and inspiring. It doesn’t have to be a perfect, compact pen, but a functional tool.

Let me know what you all think!


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