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90% of plastic comes from 10 rivers. Filter?

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rstam rstam

90% of plastic comes from 10 rivers. Filter?

31/05/2018 at 05:53


Does anyone know why we don’t filter the rivers before it hits the ocean? Theoretically it will reduce plastic by 90% that comes into the ocean.

I can’t find much on Google about why this is or is not being done. I know there’s projects that clean the ocean, but what’s being done from filtering the rivers?

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06/07/2018 at 06:45


you have a good point! I saw this maybe it is a start: a plastic barrier used in Guatemala https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsZinc/videos/10155348220171479/

there is also a project coming from the netherlands called the great bubble barrier.
ideas can come from all over but local contacts are needed. Do you have any contacts who are willing to help with steps towards action in China?

kind regards,
Dieuwke aka Juka

07/07/2018 at 12:24

Thanks for sending over the video! If it stops 60% that’s a good start. However that’s probably of the visible rubbish. I’d like to know how much is already microplastic before it reaches the ocean here in China.
I have contacts with celebrities to get a movement started yes. But I need to know the technical know-how and if it’s worth doing.

This technique might stop 60% of the big plastics, however it might only be 5% of the actual plastic going into the ocean because of microplastics. No idea who or how to crack these numbers though..

08/07/2018 at 08:13


the best solution is to get waste managment sorted so nothing gets into the river in the first place. But the problem needs to be tackled from all sides. Immediate action like the barriers even if it is not perfect, but also working on long terme complete solutions like proper wast management and redcution of consumption.
good luck!

19/08/2018 at 04:43

Major rivers have a lot of traffic, not only man made but also biological. But every river starts from small tributaries. This is the best place to start. I live near the beginning of the lower Murray river system. The tributaries that flow through our city have been paved over and are now classed as storm water drains. Local council has installed metal grates that are highly ineffective . Rain and major storms then use these drains and rubbish that people carelessly throw away ends up flowing through the gutters into these once natural water ways, straight into the river.
Don’t wait for anyone else, grab some friends and start cleaning up the rubbish. Start locally and share ideas with residents down river.

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