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A alternative heating system?

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Jaime lozkho

A alternative heating system?

25/03/2017 at 21:51

Hello everyone, i´m interested on building the machines, but my monetary situacion and the devaluated coin is not helping out, but, i do want to create an inyection machine, a large one, or at least more fat.
anyway, on Colombia, the electronis and the heating elements are quite expensive, so, i was thinking on using magnetic heating on the unduction machine.. smething like this.

Someone told me that is more electrical effective and faster in order to process a lt of plastic, shorting the melting time, allowing to create or molding more products quickly..

My question is
Anyone know how to build this electrical heating system, cheab and simple?
I haven´t find proper info about it, sadly… :/

And by the way, thanks for watching the questions

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